Sleep Plays a Vital Role in your Child’s Health

Managing the sleep of babies and young children is a common concern among parents and this is based on much more than their wanting a good night’s sleep themselves. Parents are right to place such importance on their child’s sleep patterns from the moment they are born. Here, online retailer of natural and organic bedroom products Natural Home Products,, looks at the vital role that sleep plays in a child’s health and development and advises on how to choose the right cot mattress and cot or first bed for your child.

It is estimated that around 40% of childhood is spent sleeping. In addition to sleeping throughout the night (perhaps sporadically), babies generally spend around half the day sleeping and even toddlers tend to spend more time sleeping than awake. There’s a good reason for this – sleep is not just the time when the body rests but also when it grows and develops; heals and restores itself; produces chemicals that control hunger and weight; and improves the functioning of the brain. All of which is of course vital in the healthy physical development of a baby, toddler and young child.

In addition to these physical factors, sleep is also important for the behavioural development of a child which, when combined with the improved functioning of the brain that occurs during sleep, helps to develop the young child’s learning capacity. The amount of restful sleep a child has will affect their moods, memories, alertness, social interaction and learning abilities.
Having ascertained just how important sleep is to the health and development of your child, there are things you can do to help your child get as much restful sleep as possible. Establish a pre-sleep routine that relaxes your child; stick to established sleep schedules; prepare the nursery with sleep in mind (use calming nightlights, remove more diverting toys from the cot or bed, etc.); keep distractions such as televisions and computers out of the bedroom of young children, etc.

Quite literally underlying all these tips,however, is the quality of the cot or bed in which your child sleeps. Choosing a top quality cot and cot mattress made from natural materials and free from chemical additives will provide your baby with the most comfortable, safe, orthopaedically supported and natural night’s sleep possible. Having a quality natural cot mattress in the cot, one that provides superior fit and orthopaedic support, is equally important to the safety of your baby: advice from some SIDS organisations states that mattresses should fit firmly into the cot and that there should not be more than a 25mm (1 inch) gap between the mattress and the sides and ends of the cot. An organic cot mattress made from the right materials will provide safe ventilation and air circulation and also help regulate the temperature of your baby – firm, yet springy rubberised Coconut Coir is perhaps the ideal cot mattress material, especially when combined with organic Merino LambsWool or organic Cotton fleecing wrapped around the mattress and in mattress comforters.

As your child grows into a toddler and out of a cot and is ready for a cot or junior bed, it’s just as important to consider the quality of both the child mattress and the bed itself. A handmade bed will often be made with superior craftsmanship which will result in a sturdier construction; a natural mattress will provide good ventilation for better hygiene through moisture and temperature regulation; and a natural Latex and Coconut Coir mattress will be firm enough to support a growing spine.

Take a look at our entire range of mattresses, beds and bedding at Our bedroom products will take your child from baby to infant to growing toddler, ensuring at all times that they get the restful night’s sleep that is so important to their health.

Tips for the Best Nursery Bedlinen from Natural Home Products

Most people strive to create a more natural home environment, one that is free from harmful chemicals. Nowhere is it more important than in the nursery, and specifically where baby sleeps. Of course you want your baby to be as comfortable as possible as they sleep, but night-time is also important when it comes to their development and their safety. That’s why have brought together a range of nursery bedding (including organic duvets, pillows, comforters and mattresses) that are entirely natural, 100% free from harmful chemicals and which help baby to have a restful, comfortable, hygienic and, above all, safe night’s sleep.

As a baby sleeps they are growing, developing and assimilating all the new information they have processed in the day. It’s also the time that they can be vulnerable, with Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS, formerly known as Cot Death) still claiming all too many young lives. There are steps you can take to prevent SIDS, create a natural and comfortable sleeping environment and protect your baby from chemicals; primarily by choosing the best nursery bedding for your baby’s health.

First, choose a firm natural mattress, preferably an organic mattress. The firmness of the mattress is important in creating a supportive foundation underneath baby which will help with their orthopeadic development, and will help to prevent SIDS. Research into this syndrome has shown that suffocation could be the cause of some deaths by SIDS, and that firm mattresses with correctly fitting bedlinen can help avoid this. Natural or organic mattresses such as those in our range have the same benefits for baby as they do for adults: they help regulate temperature and improve ventilation, creating a hygienic sleeping environment.

Then, choose a cot pillow that will cradle your baby’s head without the risk of restricted ventilation. Our cot pillows come in a range of natural cover and filling options, and styles that are suitable for all of your baby’s developmental needs. Baby First Pillows have slightly raised edges on three sides so that the head is perfectly and comfortably cradled. Baby Support Pillows give gentle encouragement and support for babies to sleep on their side, important given that babies naturally sleep on their backs and sleeping on their front is thought to be a potential risk for SIDS.

When it comes to cot duvets, blankets and comforters, just as for the pillows and mattresses, make sure they are natural duvets, blankets and comforters and are toxin-free. A baby’s immune system is highly delicate and exposure to toxins can be very harmful. The only way to be sure your cot bedding is free from toxins is by choosing all-natural materials, such as those used in Natural Home Products’ nursery range. Our cot duvets use organic LambsWool or Cotton fillings with a choice of organic Cotton covers. Just as for the rest of the nursery range, they are entirely free from harmful chemical additives, to protect both babies’ immune systems and to prevent any allergic reactions.

A baby spends a large portion of their formative years in peaceful slumber (although it may not seem that way to new parents!); it is a vital time for rest and development. Baby’s cot is arguably the most important place in the house in which to create a natural and safe environment, free from chemical additives. Take time to choose the best natural nursery bedding and you can rest easy at night knowing that your special little one is also resting easy, naturally and safely.

You can view the entire natural nursery range at, where you will also find organic and natural products for your entire home.

Natural Home Products’ Guide to a Healthy Nursery

Natural Home Products are committed to helping you create the most natural, organic and healthy home environment possible, especially when it comes to your bedroom and the all important bedroom of the smallest member of the house, where health and hygiene are all-important. That is why we have brought together a comprehensive range of products for the nursery that is built around the same natural, chemical additive free ethos as all of the products in the range. Let us guide you through the components of a healthy nursery, from cot mattresses and bedding to the cots themselves.

Baby’s cot is the foundation of a healthy nursery and restful sleep. Cots should of course be well-made, sturdy, have no rough edges, fixtures or fittings and no areas in which baby might become trapped. All of Natural Home Products’ cots and playpens are made in solid, sustainable Beech wood to exacting standards. They are naturally oiled and, just like all of the nursery bedding and cot mattresses, are entirely chemical additive free. The handmade Maja Adjustable Cot has bars on all four sides that allow light and air to flood in without sacrificing any of the safety or security, and as your baby grows into an active toddler, you can adjust the cot to three different heights, whilst it also has two removable side bars so that your toddler can return to the cot unaided, making it a cot that effectively and naturally grows with your child.

Cot mattresses and bedding are just as important in creating a healthy nursery, especially given the link between ill-fitting or incorrect mattresses and bedding and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. The mattress should be firm and fit snugly into the cot, just like our Coconut coir cot mattresses. Organic Merino LambsWool or organic Cotton is used to wrap around Natural Home Products’ cot mattresses to give the most efficient of heat and moisture regulation, combined with excellent ventilation. Our cot mattresses have organic Cotton drill covers that are zipped onto the mattresses so that they can be removed for machine washing at 60 degrees, which is the temperature needed to eradicate Dust House Mites and help maintain a healthy sleeping environment.

We use exactly the same natural and organic materials in their mattress comforters, duvets and pillows, so that the entire sleeping environment is both healthy and hygienic. Bedding should also be well-fitting and allow for good ventilation and temperature regulation and be entirely chemical additive free, including potentially toxic surface fire retardants.

Playtime should be just as safe and natural as rest-time, which is why the Maya Playpen is also made from natural and strong Beech wood, sturdy enough to withstand any tantrum or the escape bid of any Houdini in the making! And enquiring gums and teeth can safely chomp away at the bars in the knowledge that the playpen is safely and naturally oiled with no chemical additives.

Just as for the Maja Adjustable Cot, the playpen has adjustable height and removeable side bars, while the playpen base is made of award winning ‘Natura’ chipboard. This base has a pad of springy organic coconut coir, the same material used for Natural Home Products’ popular coconut coir cot mattresses and our coconut coir and natural latex mattresses; over the top of this there is an easy care drill weave cover made from organic cotton which can be machine washed up to 60 degrees. All helping to create a practical, safe, robust, natural and organic play area for your baby.

Choosing these kinds of organic, natural and well-made products of the highest quality creates a safe and healthy nursery which is 100% free from any potentially harmful chemicals – surely the best first steps on the road towards a natural and healthy life.

To view the entire nursery range, as well as all the natural bedroom products, such as natural mattresses, natural wood beds and organic duvets, please visit

Coconut Coir and Natural Latex Cot Mattresses: the Key to your Baby's Health?

There is much controversy about the best way to ensure your baby’s health when it comes to cots and bedding, especially given the disturbing number of infant deaths from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) in the UK each year. Here, we discuss the different factors to take into account when choosing the best cot mattress for your baby, and examine the properties of natural latex cot mattresses and Coconut Coir cot mattresses in particular.

Cot mattresses are a key component of a safe sleeping environment for your baby. When choosing the best type of mattress for ensuring health and safety, consider the size and support, the materials and the cleanliness. It is imperative to choose a mattress that fits snugly into the dimensions of the cot, leaving no gaps into which the baby could fall or become trapped. Advice from some SIDS organisations states that both mattress and mattress protectors should fit firmly into the cot and that there should not be more than a 25mm (1inch) gap between the mattress and the sides and ends of the cot.

While fit is important, so is the stability of the mattress, as a flimsy mattress of the correct dimensions may still shift with the movements of the baby, leaving gaps between the cot edges. Cot mattresses made with Coconut Coir prevent any such movement or dislodging thanks to their stable core of natural rubberised Coconut Coir. This material also gives great support, which is vital when it comes to the orthapaedic health of your baby at such a critical period of spinal development. Newborns develop and change very quickly, and the support of the mattress needs to be able to cope with a baby that quickly becomes heavier and more active. Coconut coir cot mattresses provide a more substantial support than regular foam mattresses; indeed consumer magazine Which reported that Coconut Coir cot mattresses are one of the firmest types of mattresses available.

The materials of your baby’s cot mattress are also important, particularly the absence of any harmful chemicals. Debate still rages about the toxic gas theory: the theory that fungal generation of toxic gases in infant bedding leads to cot death. While there is still no hard evidence that this is the case, and indeed some evidence that refutes it completely, there are still many people who believe that wrapping the cot mattress in a gas-impermeable plastic prevents what they believe is still a very real risk. Even without the evidence that the toxic gas theory is correct, ensuring that your cot mattress is not made with harmful chemicals is highly recommended. All of the natural latex mattresses, organic mattresses and cot mattresses at are entirely free of any chemical additives.

Cleanliness and ventilation are also paramount when it comes to the safety of cot mattresses. This is another area where Coconut Coir and natural latex cot mattresses come into their own. Rubberised Coconut Coir is made using the strong fibres from Coconut shells bonded with natural Latex and this provides perfect ventilation. A natural, breathable mattress such as this is vital for the general health of your baby as well as following guidelines set out by SIDS organisations.

In summary, it is widely accepted that a clean, firm, stable, supportive, well-fitting and well-ventilated mattress, preferably a natural cot mattress, is preferable when it comes to the health of your growing baby. While Coconut Coir mattresses are not proven to be better than other cot mattress types, they do have many inherent properties that make them a great choice when choosing a cot mattress.

Natural Home Products has a wide range of natural products to help you create a healthy and natural nursery, from natural latex mattresses and bedding to cots and playpens, all 100% free from chemical additives. View the full range at

You can find out more information about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome at, the UK’s leading baby charity working to prevent sudden deaths and promote health, including baby sleep product advice. The NHS website also has information preventing SIDS, as well as a guide to choosing nursery bedding. If you are still unsure about which type of nursery furniture or bedding to choose, take a look at this helpful guide, which also includes some important sleep safety precautions. All of the links are also listed in our reference list below.

Reference List

Feel the Benefits of Sprung Slatted Bed Bases

You can physically feel the benefits of having a sprung slatted bed base from Having the right foundation of support to your bed is fundamental to orthopaedic health and attaining a restorative and refreshing night’s sleep. In addition to giving stable support to your spine, sprung slatted bed bases also give great ventilation to your mattress, making your bed a more hygienic place to rest.

Sprung slatted bed bases from Natural Home Products work in harmony with your body and its movements at night. They also work in synergy with your mattress, releasing its pressure sensitive qualities so that your entire body has perfect support and stability. In fact, natural Latex mattresses and natural Latex and Coconut Coir mattresses should ideally always be supported on sprung slatted bases in order to get the greatest benefit from the multiple properties of these natural mattresses.

All sprung slatted bed bases provide hygienic ventilation and are made of European sustainable Beech and Ash wood. Choose from the basic yet classic Flexa Slatted Bed Base; the Flexoline Slatted Bed Base with adjustable lumbar region slat tension for firmer, less flexible support or the Flexoline Comfort Slatted Bed Base, also with adjustable lumbar region but in this case with more flexible and sensitive support.

Then there is the Ergoflex Slatted Bed Base which has models with optional tilting head and/or foot sections, all of which also come with adjustable lumbar region slat tension. Finally, in Cot size to King size, there is the simple, handy and great value Roll Out Slatted Base made with solid Ash batons and providing both sturdy support and excellent ventilation.

We can also make bases in any custom size to fit your existing bed, enabling you to benefit from the support and ventilation slatted bases provide without having to replace your entire bed.

Natural Home Products provides functional and luxurious yet affordable bedroom products which are 100% free from any chemical additives and help you create a natural, organic and healthy bedroom.

How Organic is Your Bedroom?

You may be strict about eating as organically as possible, and you may seek cosmetics, toiletries, household cleaners and garden sprays that are as organic as you can find, but how organic is the place where you spend perhaps a third of your time? Even if, wherever possible, you only use products that are free from harmful chemicals around your home, have you stopped to think about the presence of nasty chemical additives in the things that surround you in your bed? You can make so much more of your bedroom truly organic when you purchase natural mattresses, duvets, pillows and bedding from

Create a bedroom that is organic as possible and not only will it be natural, but it will also be sumptuous and luxurious. That’s because we use only the finest organic materials, from Cotton and Merino Lambswool to Camel and Yak hair down, and our products are handmade with care by craftsmen with over 20 years’ experience in making luxury bedding.

There is nothing like the feeling of natural pillows, whether you choose the cool and airy organic Cotton quilted pillows or the soft and springy organic Merino Lambswool pillows. Cocoon yourself within an organic duvet and you’ll immediately notice the difference, whether your chosen material is opulent and body-caressing natural wild Silk or exotic and soft organic Camel hair down. And giving perfect support and comfort, a natural latex mattress offers a restorative and organic night’s sleep, free from those nasty chemicals, at the same time as taking the best possible care of your orthopaedic health. A wooden bed helps complete your natural sleeping environment, while a slatted bed base made from sustainable Beech or Ash wood meets the strictest of green principles and helps keep your mattress well ventilated and dry and to give of its best orthopaedic performance.

Choosing organic materials in your home is not just better for you and your family’s health and for the environment in general, it is also a luxurious choice. If you want to extend the organic credentials of your home – or you just want to treat yourself to naturally luxurious bedding, visit

Protect Your Home Against Pet Allergies the Natural Way

For some, pet allergies are a problem all year-round, and for others it’s only the summer months, when cats and dogs shed more fur, that it really becomes an issue. Either way, there are natural methods you can use to help combat pet allergies in the home. Pet lovers can have allergies too, and not everyone wants to kick out their kitty or pooch just because the little one’s fur causes them to sneeze or their eyes to itch from time to time. For those of us who can’t live without our pets but who suffer for their love, and even for non-allergy sufferers who despair about the amount of fur flying around the home at this time of year, follow these pointers for a natural home that may not be pet allergen-free, but vastly improved:

  • Always wash your hands after touching your pet, groom your pet frequently and (if they allow you!) wash your pet once a week, this really helps keep the allergens down;
  • Sweeping up or vacuuming pet hair can seem endless in summer, but this is not always enough. Once you have removed the excess hair from the floors, once a week wash down the walls and skirting boards of the main rooms your pet uses;
  • Carpets and curtains should be steam cleaned on a regular basis to ensure a deep-down clean, and remove hair from furnishings and clothes with a sticky roller, preferably every day;
  • Regularly replace the filters in your air conditioning and heating systems if you have them, as they collect a huge amount of hidden hair and allergens;
  • Try to keep your pets out of the bedroom and off the bed. Sleeping with your pets is obviously a no-no for allergy sufferers, but even a pet that regularly snoozes in the corner of your bedroom can spread their allergens from hair, skin and saliva onto your bed, one of the worst places for triggering allergy attacks;
  • And finally, regularly clean your bedding, an absolute given, and invest in allergy-friendly natural duvets and organic pillows so that you can get an allergy-free night’s sleep while the offending pet snoozes in a different room, blissfully unaware of all the trouble it causes!

If all of the above still doesn’t help alleviate your symptoms, especially if you notice that they are often triggered while in bed, your allergy may not be due to your beloved and hairy pet after all, but actually to house dust mites. Many people suffer from an allergy to house dust mites while attributing the allergy to another source. Treat your bedding and mattress with all-natural Neem Oil Home Spray and you can protect yourself from these pesky mites for 2 years. You could also consider buying a natural latex mattress as Latex is a hostile environment for house dust mites. Indeed, you can get the same benefit from any mattress purchased from Natural Home Products by having them treat it with Neem Oil while your mattress is being made, as this gives deep and thorough protection against the mites for at least 2 years.

Search for the Perfect Pillow is Over at

and so to dream

and so to dream

The search for the perfect comfort and support of a beautifully designed and made pillow is over, thanks to our extensive range of luxurious and all-natural organic pillows. Most people spend a good deal of time and money searching for the bed and mattress that will give ideal comfort and support for their needs, only to neglect their neck and shoulders with pillows that are just not well enough designed to do a decent orthopaedic job. If you dream of your neck being softly cradled but firmly held on a plump and perfectly pert pillow, while in reality suffering fitful nights plumping and fiddling with a pillow that is never just right, then we can help.

So, you’ve tested countless natural mattresses and chosen from the best wooden bed frames before settling on the perfect bed, but all too often people forget to put the same amount of consideration into their choice of pillows. Keeping your neck, shoulders and spine in natural alignment whilst sleeping not only protects your orthopoedic health, but it is also the essential platform for a restorative night’s sleep. No matter how supportive your mattress and bed frame are, a poorly designed or filled pillow can throw that alignment right off and provide little to no effective support for your neck. Not only will you have a restless night’s sleep tossing and turning, but you could risk permanently damaging the muscles in your neck, shoulders and spine. One night’s sleep using one of our luxurious natural pillows will open up a world of luxury in pillows from which you’ll never look back.

Most of the pillows have zip or Velcro openings to help you create your perfect pillow, as you are able to alter the amount of filling until the pillow depth and firmness is just dreamy perfection for you.

There are organic Cotton quilted pillows filled with soft and fresh cotton fleece, perfect for those with allergies or who simply like a light and airy feel to their pillow; organic Merino Lambswool pillows, quilted or regular and in a choice of soft and cuddly fleece filling for those who like a flatter pillow or springy Lambswool balls for a higher and fluffier pillow.

Or how about our husk filled pillows, such as the organic Spelt Husk pillows, where the husks are so springy and tough that they actually massage your scalp while you sleep. For a truly luxurious pillow, why not try the organic Camel Hair Down quilted pillows; the down is prized for its lightness which provides a feeling of fine luxury, as well as its impressive ability to regulate temperature, to be cooling in summer and warming in winter.

These are just some of the wide variety of luxurious organic pillows available at, all designed to provide perfect support and comfort no matter what your filling or firmness preferences. All are entirely handmade using only the finest natural materials, and as you would expect from a Natural Home product, all are entirely chemical additive free.

Nothing Beats the Feel of an Organic Duvet from Natural Home Products

the cool summer breeze of cotton

the cool summer breeze of cotton

Add a touch of natural luxury to your bedroom with an organic duvet from Natural Home Products. The luxuriousness of our range of organic and natural duvets makes you wonder how you ever made do with anything less. Handmade by craftsmen in southern Bavaria, the duvets are made from only the finest natural and organic materials and are completely free of chemical additives.

The choice of duvets offered by Natural Home Products is itself a luxury. No longer do you just decide which weight of duvet to buy; at there are a number of covers and fillings to suit every taste and every season. Our natural duvets for summertime include organic Cotton for a light covering to keep you cool, with percale weave organic cotton covers, whilst the organic Merino Lambswool duvets are still light, but offer a little more cosiness and come with a choice of percale, sateen or jersey covers. Alternatively, the natural wild Silk Tussah duvets are luxuriously light – hugging the body while keeping it refreshingly cool – and are made from the silk of wild Tussah caterpillars (gathered after the moth emerges), while the organic Camel hair down summer duvets are perfect for an English summer when it can be sultry one night and chilly the next: Camel down has an outstanding ability to compensate and regulate extremes of both temperature and moisture.

All of the duvets from Natural Home Products come with a breathable storage bag so that they may be kept dust free when not in use. We will even add Cotton ties to the duvets, so that summer and four season duvets can be tied together for use during the coldest months of the year.

With double the weight of the summer duvets and perfect for the cooler months, the Four Season duvets also come in organic Cotton, organic Merino Lambswool or Camel hair down, giving a choice of the light covering of Cotton through to the warm and snug nest that is Camel hair down.

For those who want to be extra warm and snug, but still with a light, comfortable covering, we sew two duvets together, trapping a thermal pocket of air between them, to create their super warm winter duvets. So, for those who want the luxurious freshness of Silk all year round there is the natural wild Silk Tussah winter duvets or, at the other end of the warmth scale, there is perhaps the most luxurious of them all, the natural Yak hair down winter duvets, which combine wonderful warmth with a light, sleek and airy feel. In between, the choice includes organic Cotton, organic Merino Lambswool and Camel hair down.

You probably didn’t even know there was so much choice available in a duvet, and once you have tried a luxury natural duvet from Natural Home Products, you’ll never go back to anything less. Not only does an organic duvet help to alleviate many allergies, they are a pampering addition to anyone’s bedroom.

Anatomical Support at Night from Natural Home Products

pressure sensitive support for good spinal

pressure sensitive support for good spinal alignment

Natural Home Products has everything you need to provide full anatomical support for your entire body while at rest in the bedroom. Good spinal alignment in a natural rest position is essential for the quality of orthopeodic health needed to ensure a fully restorative and invigorating night’s sleep. At Natural Home Products we understand this, and that is why we have brought together a range of products that protect the natural alignment of your spine, shoulders and neck, from slatted bed bases and latex mattresses and through to natural pillows and more.

We know that creating a truly natural bedroom haven means more than using natural and organic materials in the things around you. While this is of course central to natural living (all of our products are completely free from any chemical additives) it’s just as important to think about the natural alignment of your body while it is at rest in bed. When the spine is naturally aligned or in ‘neutral’ position it is not straight, but curved in the thoracic (upper) and lumbar (lower) regions. The alignment through the head, shoulders, hips, knees and ankles should be as though a plumb line were running all the way from the head through the torso down through the legs and feet. This natural alignment protects joints, muscle and tissue from stress, preserving natural position and tone and therefore ensuring comfort. If all this is attained while at rest, it is the essential gateway to fully restorative sleep, leaving you feeling alert and invigorated on waking, with your body rested to the very core, without aches and pains, and ready for the day. 

Little wonder, then, that the design quality of your bed base, mattress and pillows are of utmost importance in helping keep the body in this neutral position. There are a number of products in the Natural Home range that help support your body properly. The ‘Ergoflex’ slatted bed base has adjustable slat tension in the lumbar region; slatted bases enhance the pressure sensitive and orthopaedic qualities of natural mattresses. Our range also includes natural latex mattresses which mould to the contours of the body giving selective pressure sensitive support to maintain perfect alignment of the spine, and natural pillows made from the finest organic Merino Lambswool which have an opening to alter the amount of filling until the depth gives the ideal support for your neck and shoulders.

Natural Home Products is committed to providing luxury products for the home that are 100% free from harmful chemicals. We are passionate about creating a range of products that combine fine quality and comfort with an excellence of effective design, within an entirely natural and organic bedroom environment; all this and helping your orthopeodic health too! To discover the full range of our products, from handmade wood beds to natural latex mattresses, visit:

What helps you get the perfect night’s sleep? Let us know your tips on a comfortable, restorative and uninterrupted night’s sleep.