Bring Nature Inside with a Beautiful Wooden Bed from Natural Home Products

naturally beautiful

naturally beautiful

Your bedroom may be a haven from the outside world, but you can still bring a touch of nature inside with a beautiful Shiva wooden bed from Natural Home Products ( The handmade wood beds from Natural Home Products are made by expert craftsmen in Southern Bavaria from European sustainably-forested beech, cherry and walnut wood, and come in a variety of models to suit any style of bedroom.

Natural Home Products are the leading online store providing luxurious all-natural, chemical-free products for the bedroom, from natural wood beds to organic mattresses and pillows. Our range of products combines luxury and comfort with the finest of natural and organic credentials. A perfect example of our ability to provide products that are 100% free of harmful chemicals without sacrificing luxury, style or comfort are the wooden bed frames.

The natural colour and grains of the beech, cherry and walnut woods used in the Shiva range of wood bed frames add beauty, serenity and an element of nature to any bedroom. All are handmade using traditional craftsmanship and are of the finest possible quality, while being entirely free of chemical additives. There are four styles in the range, from the modern lines of the ‘Logo’, to the classic and elegant simplicity of the ‘Piano 2′, all of which have 3 colour options and 2 natural finishes, oiled and waxed or varnished.

We also have an extensive range of sprung slatted bed bases made from natural and solid ash or beech woods. These bases provide excellent orthopaedic support and mattress ventilation and come in a variety of models to suit people of all heights and weights. Like all Natural Home Products, they are completely free from chemical additives while also providing luxury and comfort.

Several of the slatted bed base models have the additional benefit of adjustable tension in the slats that run through the lumbar region of the bases, so that these can be adjusted to provide the perfect measure of support to suit any orthopaedic need or personal taste. Wider slatted bed bases are made with two sets of slats, so that each side of the bed has independent and individual support, which also greatly reduces the disturbance between partners!

We also pride ourselves on our customer service and are able to make the slatted bed bases to fit any width or length of bed frame.

Find out more about how a beautiful wood bed or wooden slatted bed base can bring luxurious style and comfort into your bedroom in the most natural way possible by visiting:

Hay Fever Sufferers: Prepare for a High Pollen Count Summer

honey bee collecting pollen

honey bee collecting pollen

Experts are warning hay fever sufferers that this summer will see an unusually high pollen count likely to last for months. While most people welcome the news that this year the English summer will be blessed with hot and sunny days, the 12 million people in the UK who suffer from hay fever will no doubt be less than happy with the prospect of long months of sneezing, itchy eyes, runny noses and sleepless nights.

Beverley Adams-Groom, of the National Pollen and Aerobiology Research Unit at Worcester University, said: “Most hay fever seasons are pretty bad these days because the grass and the trees tend to get the optimum conditions for growth and pollen production. We have certainly noticed that over the last 13 to 14 years there has been a steady increase in the severity of the seasons. We assume it is down to climate change. The hay fever season is also definitely longer. If we have a hot dry summer, the season will be over by early or mid-July, but these days it can go on until mid-August.”

Unfortunately anyone can develop hay fever at any stage of their life, regardless of a previous proclivity to the allergy. There are of course many over-the-counter hay fever remedies which some sufferers find helpful in easing their symptoms, but an increasing number of sufferers are turning to all natural and organic treatments. One such natural remedy is the herb butterbur which is thought to work in a similar way to allergy medications in blocking the action of histamine in allergic reactions.

Another natural strategy for easing the symptoms of hay fever is through dietary adaptation. Quercetin is an antioxidant that belongs to a class of water-soluble plant substances called flavonoids and is thought to prevent the release of histamine. Although you can buy Quercetin in supplement form, it is found naturally in foods such as apples (with the skin on), berries, red grapes, red onions and capers. Carotenoids (found in apricots, carrots, pumpkin and kale) help to decrease inflammation in the airways and Omega-3 fatty acids have been found to reduce the production of inflammatory chemicals, both of which could help ease hay fever symptoms

So hay fever sufferers take heart, there are ways to cope with your allergy this summer without having to turn to chemical products. Once you’ve bought your Quercetin supplements from your local natural food supplement shop and increased the carotenoids and Omega-3 fatty acids in your diet, make sure you consider how allergenic-resistant your home is. Extend a natural, chemical-free approach to your home and you could find all sorts of allergies are eased. You’ll also be able to have a restorative night’s sleep in a natural environment, helping you to enjoy the long hot summer days and nights rather than dread them. Find out more about how our chemical-free products can help allergy sufferers by taking a browse through our online store at and read more about natural hay fever remedies at

Natural Home Products’ Mattresses Protect Your Spine


Do you suffer from back, neck or shoulder pain on waking? Your mattress could be damaging your health as well as your sleep pattern if it does not protect the natural alignment of your spine. Natural Home Products’ extensive range of organic and natural mattresses are all designed to protect the health of your muscles, joints and spine while you are at rest, ensuring not just a fully restorative sleep, but also the ongoing health and suppleness of your back, neck and shoulders.

We have been helping people create the healthiest and most natural bedroom environment possible for many years. Our manufacturing partners have over 2 decades’ experience in the design and production of all sorts of mattresses that have the support of the spine, neck and shoulder at their core. Over the years, the range has extended to cater for a multitude of needs. For those who sleep on their side a latex mattress may be best: its soft and yielding surface allows the shoulders and hips to sink into complete support and comfort. For those who prefer to sleep on their back or front and those with larger frames, the combination latex and coconut coir mattresses may be preferable given their firm and springy surfaces.

However you prefer to sleep, keeping the line of your spine, from your shoulders and neck through to the small of your back, in natural alignment throughout the night is vital for health and wellbeing. The recent ‘Sleep Well, Live Well’ campaign found that 20% of people in the UK sleep less than the recommended 7 hours a night and a surprisingly high 41% regularly suffer from sleep problems. While emotional and physiological factors may also be the cause of sleep problems, the quality of your mattress (and not forgetting your pillows and bed bases) is of utmost importance when it comes to good posture, orthopaedic health and a restful night’s sleep.

Even if you don’t feel discomfort from your mattress, if it gives poor support it could be the reason you have disrupted sleep. Natural mattresses, natural latex mattresses and coconut coir mattresses are best for your spine, your health and your sleep pattern. They come in a range of different surfaces, some more yielding than others, to suit people who like hard or soft beds and those who sleep on their front, back or side. There is a proven link between the neck, shoulder and back problems of some side sleepers, for instance, and mattresses that have hard surfaces.

Take a look at our full range of natural and organic mattresses (as well as natural wood beds, organic pillows and more) and find the best support for you – the long-term health of your spine may just depend on it.

Is Your Mattress Robbing You of Precious Sleep?

and so to sleep

and so to sleep

A new campaign was launched in the UK in March to reveal the prevalence of sleep problems in the country and to highlight the impact that poor sleep can have. The ‘Sleep Well, Live Well’ campaign found that 20% of people sleep less than the recommended 7 hours a night and a surprisingly high 41% regularly suffer from sleep problems, most of these people being over the age of 65.

The findings revealed the impact of these sleep problems which range from mild consequences, such as difficulty in communicating and concentration, lack of productivity and depression, to the more worryingly dangerous, such as falling asleep at the wheel while driving (the body will slip into a ‘micro-sleeps’ when overly tired). It was found that those driving home from working a night shift were 40 times more likely to have an accident.

While, perhaps unsurprisingly, worrying about the economy was cited as the main reason many people were currently suffering problems with their sleep pattern, a more ongoing and quite literally underlying cause is poor support while sleeping. A mattress should support the natural alignment of the spine while you sleep in order for you to have a fully restorative sleep. Poor mattress design or an old tired mattress that has had its day can only provide inappropriate body support, and this in turn may cause muscle discomfort and neck, shoulder and back pain.

Most commonly, people who sleep on their sides all or part of the time and have neck, shoulder or back discomfort are found to have mattresses without the surface yield or softness needed to maintain natural spinal alignment, thereby preventing the muscle groups from being able to fully relax and rest.

Even if you don’t feel discomfort from your mattress, if it gives poor support it could be the reason you have disrupted sleep. Natural mattresses, natural latex mattresses and coconut coir mattresses are best for your spine, your health and your sleep pattern. They come in a range of different surfaces, some more yielding than others to suit people who like hard and soft beds and those who sleep on their front, back or side. Take a look through our range and ask yourself if your current mattress is robbing you of precious sleep.

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The Worrying Truth About Toxic Chemicals in Furniture


natural, fresh and organic

natural, fresh and organic

Last year, a study by the environmental group Friends of the Earth found that a high percentage of furniture tested in California, USA were found to contain toxic chemicals that have been linked to cancer, birth defects, hormone disruption and reproductive and neurological dysfunction. These toxins were found to be particularly harmful to children.  

The study, dubbed “Killer Couches” sampled 350 pieces of household furniture from domestic residences and found that in most cases, high levels of toxic halogenated fire retardants were present. Friends of the Earth concluded that “Virtually all Americans have toxic fire retardants in their bodies, and this study suggests that one of the main causes is furniture in our homes and offices. Fortunately, safer alternatives are already used by some manufacturers.”

Infants and children are the most vulnerable to the harmful effects of these toxic chemicals, which can travel through the placenta and breast milk. Tests in the USA have found that levels of halogenated fire retardants in breast milk have increased by as much as 40-fold since the 1970s. Harmful chemicals in fire retardants such as the potentially lethal antimony can also adversely affect autistic children, leading to more extreme behaviour patterns in child sufferers.

The environment also bears the brunt of these toxins, with the compounds within the chemicals found to have contaminated water, oceans, ecosystems and wildlife as far away as the Arctic Circle. This is sadly not just a problem found in America; harmful chemicals are found in furniture all around the world given the proliferation of toxic flame retardants over the last few decades. But as Friends of the Earth report, some manufacturers are committed to the complete ban of these toxins. At Natural Home Products we are proud to only manufacture products that are 100% free from any harmful chemicals; and proud to play our small part in keeping our homes and the wider environment healthy and natural.

Find out more about this study and the work of Friends of the Earth at

Natural Home Products: Over 20 Years’ Experience in Organic Bedrooms

the home of Prolana

the home of Prolana

Do you want your home to be as organic as possible, your bedroom to be a natural haven, free from harmful chemicals, but sometimes find the world of organic products confusing? Just what is an organic mattress? How do you know which chemicals in your home products could be harmful? How do you go about creating a truly natural bedroom environment? The simplest way is to trust the experts with decades of experience. At Natural Home Products, we have more than 20 years' experience in the natural and organic bedroom products industry.


Natural Home Products benefit from our manufacturing partner's impressive experience in natural bedroom products. The company in Southern Bavaria, which is behind most of the Natural Home Products' range, has more than 20 years experience in innovating, designing and manufacturing the best products available to make your bedroom as naturally luxurious and healthy as possible.


Their expertise has helped build the largest selection of natural and organic bedroom products available in the UK, a range that we are proud to continually build on. The range encompasses natural wooden beds, natural mattresses, organic duvets, natural pillows and much more. From slatted bed bases to maternity pillows and baby care and comfort, there's everything in a bedroom range you'd expect, but all with one important thing in common: all products are 100% natural and free from harmful chemicals.


Buying chemical-free bedroom products in the UK is not always easy. That's because in the UK products often 'need' additives just to make it to market, even though the consumer is not informed of these additions. In Germany, where most of our range is made, the regulations regarding chemical additives in products are far more stringent; in fact, the addition of any chemical or artificial additive has to be justified before being added, and the consumer must be informed about this.


This is no small thing when one considers the chemical antimony, for example. Antimony is often used in flame-proofing bedding surfaces and yet is highly toxic to humans. Antimony poisoning is very similar to arsenic poisoning: in small doses, this poisoning can cause headaches, dizziness, and depression, whereas larger doses can cause violent and frequent vomiting, and may even lead to death. This sort of toxic poisoning may be very rare in its most dangerous form, but it does illustrate just how harmful chemicals can be; chemicals that may be in our bedroom and nursery products without our knowing.


Every product in the our range is made from the finest materials and has been designed and developed over two decades to become the best that product can be. This untiring commitment to product excellence means that not only are Natural Home Products designed to be natural and organic, but they are also of the finest quality, promoting both fully restorative sleep and good orthopaedic health.


Order your bedroom products through us and be safe in the knowledge that not only are you purchasing products that use only natural, organic and chemical-free materials, but you are also purchasing peace of mind. Peace of mind that comes from knowing what is in your products; and peace of mind that comes from drawing on 20 years of experience in the natural and organic world.

Everything you need to know about house dust mites

the mighty mite

the mighty mite

We all know that our homes contain house dust mites, but how many of us know what they really are, where they are found and just what they do to us? In fact, most of us know very little about these organisms, even though we share a bed with them every night. Read on to see how they may be affecting you and how you can protect yourself.

House dust mites are organisms that are only visible through a microscope and are present in every home, no matter how many times you dust! The cleanliness of your home has no bearing on the presence of house dust mites; they live in all homes, thriving in warm and humid conditions and on a diet of human skin. Beds are the natural breeding ground for these little critters, giving them a warm environment and a constant supply of your skin on which to snack.

This does seem horrific, but of course most of us are blissfully unaware of their presence, given their microscopic size. Or are we? Perhaps that allergy we’re putting down to hay fever or what we thought was adult-onset asthma is in fact due to a house dust mite allergy. While some of us can share our bed with the mites to no ill affect, many people have a reaction to the proteins present in the dust mites’ excretion. When the excretions are inhaled or touched, the allergy sufferer produces antibodies which in turn release a chemical called histamine. Histamine then causes swelling in the respiratory passages of the sufferer and can cause symptoms identical to those of hay fever and asthma. People who suffer from dermatitis and similar skin conditions can also find that house dust mites exacerbate their symptoms.

House dust mites are found in our beds all year round. Without treatment many sufferers will experience unpleasant symptoms without relief throughout the months, unlike seasonal hay fever sufferers. While the respiratory system bears the brunt of the allergy, sufferers can also experience symptoms such as a runny nose, blocked sinuses, sneezing, watering eyes and eczema-like skin conditions.

So what can we do to beat these critters? The most important thing is to restore your bed to a healthy environment, free from dust mites and allergens. While regularly Hoovering and flipping the mattress will help in the short-term, the only solution is to treat the mattress and linen in order to kill the dust mites and prevent them from setting up home in your bed. But it’s also vital that you do this without introducing harmful chemicals into your bed.

Our Neem Oil is entirely natural and is made by extracting oil from the seeds of the Neem tree. The Neem tree is indigenous to the Indian sub-continent and the seeds and other elements of the tree have been used for their advantageous medicinal properties for more than 4,500 years. In fact, in the first millennium BC the Neem tree was known locally as the “Sarva Roga Nivarini”, which translates as one that could cure all ailments and ills. Neem Oil is highly effective in protecting your mattress, pillows, duvets and bedlinen from dust mites for up to 2 years. You can buy the treatment in a 100ml spray for your home and we are also able to treat all mattresses, comforters, duvets and pillows purchased through us with Neem Oil while they are being made, giving the most comprehensive protection for over 2 years.

While it can’t eradicate the problem (the mites are quick off the mark and can colonise a mattress or duvet in only a few months), nor clear prior infestation (which calls for professional pest control), Neem Oil is one of the best natural ways to protect your precious bedroom environment from these persistent and pesky mites. And when ordering your next mattress (and frankly who doesn’t feel like having a new mattress after learning all there is to know about house dust mites!) then consider a natural latex mattress as the mites find the material a hostile environment.

Free Hug with Every Latex Mattress!

a hug and perfect support

a hug and perfect support

Who wouldn’t want their mattress to give them an enveloping hug after a long day? Essentially, this is what you get with a latex mattress. The unique pressure sensitive flexibility and elasticity of this type of mattress adapts to the contours of your body. The support, stability and cocooned comfort latex mattresses provide almost feels like a hug. At Natural Home Products, natural latex mattresses continue to be one of our most popular lines.

Natural latex has unique properties that allow mattresses made with this breakthrough material to adapt neatly to your body shape as you move. Rather than simply indenting under pressure, like mattresses made from traditional materials, latex mattresses contour neatly to the lines of your body, stabilising and supporting so that your spine rests in perfect alignment. The yielding surfaces of latex mattresses are even suitable for those who prefer harder mattresses as you can choose between soft, medium or firm orthopaedic support, while different mattress depths allow for all body weights and heights. And as the surface effectively molds to the shape of your body in its resting position, latex mattresses are just as comfortable for those who sleep on their side, back or front, and those who adopt different positions in their sleep. The soft, yielding surfaces of natural latex mattresses are particularly good for side sleepers, as the pressure points of the shoulders and hips sink in and help to keep the spine in perfect alignment for complete relaxation, allowing fully restorative and invigorating sleep.

All our natural mattresses made from latex are entirely handmade, have the QUL Seal of Approval (which means they meet the strictest criteria for the manufacture of latex mattresses available), and are completely free from chemical additives. This means that not only is a latex mattress physically good for you, protecting the alignment of your spine and supporting your joints and muscles, but it’s also naturally good for you, protecting you from allergens and harmful chemicals.

Tips for a perfect night’s sleep, the natural way

Ahhhhhhhhhh bliss !!

Ahhhhhhhhhh bliss !!

A perfect night’s sleep is one of life’s pleasures, but it’s something that can elude all of us from time to time. We’ve put together these tips to help you have a truly restful, and natural, slumber:


Winding down before bed-time is important in relaxing the mind and body in preparation for a good night’s sleep. Everyone winds down in their own way, but often hot baths can help, as can reading a few pages in bed to divert your mind from the day’s events, or listening to calming music. Whatever works for you, clearing your mind and feeling your muscles relax one by one as you rest in bed with the lights out can often help to ready your body for sleep.


Some aromas are known for their soporific properties: a few drops of lavender or chamomile essential oil into your bath before bed or onto your pillow can help you drift off to sleep.

Warm drinks:

Some people find that a mug of warm cocoa (made weak so as to lower the sugar content) or decaffeinated herbal tea before bed can help them sleep.

Things to avoid:

While a nip of whisky before bed does wonders for some, too much alcohol is dehydrating and results in a restless sleep pattern. And of course any drinks containing caffeine (coffee, tea, soft drinks, etc.) should be avoided for a couple of hours before going to bed. Exercising helps regulate sleep patterns in the long-term, however exercising just before bed is a bad idea as your body will still be producing adrenaline.

Your environment:

Ensure your bedroom is conducive to relaxing: keep your bedroom clear of clutter and ban the television. Create an environment made purely for rest and relaxation. Low lighting, warmth and comfort are key.

The perfect bed, mattress and pillows:

None of these tips will be of much use if you have an uncomfortable place to sleep. The right bed frame or base, mattress, pillows and even bedlinen are not only essential for a good night’s sleep, but they can be vital for a healthy body. A bed that gives poor support in any area of your body will not only disrupt your sleep pattern, but it could also be harmful to your joints and muscles in the long-term. Our range of all-natural beds, mattresses, pillows and duvets are all made with the perfect night’s sleep in mind. Choose from neck-support pillows, latex mattresses, handmade wooden slatted bed bases, organic, chemical-free duvets….a huge range of products all designed to help you have the perfect, naturally restful night’s sleep.

Sleep tight!


The Luxury of Having Natural Home Products


Just one of our luxurious Shiva beds - Toro

Just one of our luxurious Shiva beds - Toro

 There was a time when chemical-free, natural products for the home were niche products for a small group of ecologically concerned people. This is no longer the case – more of us are demanding organic and natural ingredients in our food and cosmetics, so it stands to reason that we should also demand natural and chemical-free products for our homes. Our customer base has expanded over the years to include everyone who wants to add natural luxury to their home.

Having a natural home free from chemical additives wherever possible, particularly in the bedroom, is essential for many people with allergies and real concern for their health. As more natural products have come on the market to meet the needs of a public becoming more informed about the use of harmful chemicals in manufacturing and the damage these do to our health and environment, those without any allergies have come to realise the many universal benefits of these natural products. 


We have seen a significant shift in our customer demographic from those with specific allergenic needs and environmental awareness to the most discerning people who want the best quality products for their home. This shift is all about luxury: there is a real luxury in having a home made from entirely natural materials and with no harmful chemicals whatsoever, especially a bedroom where we relax, rest and revive. It’s the luxury of having only superlative products in your bedroom that meet exacting standards in manufacture and design, and that use only the finest, natural materials. And it’s a matter of performance – our range of natural wood beds, natural mattresses and organic pillows and duvets give perhaps the biggest luxury of them all: a perfect night’s sleep.