Nothing Beats the Feel of an Organic Duvet from Natural Home Products

the cool summer breeze of cotton

the cool summer breeze of cotton

Add a touch of natural luxury to your bedroom with an organic duvet from Natural Home Products. The luxuriousness of our range of organic and natural duvets makes you wonder how you ever made do with anything less. Handmade by craftsmen in southern Bavaria, the duvets are made from only the finest natural and organic materials and are completely free of chemical additives.

The choice of duvets offered by Natural Home Products is itself a luxury. No longer do you just decide which weight of duvet to buy; at there are a number of covers and fillings to suit every taste and every season. Our natural duvets for summertime include organic Cotton for a light covering to keep you cool, with percale weave organic cotton covers, whilst the organic Merino Lambswool duvets are still light, but offer a little more cosiness and come with a choice of percale, sateen or jersey covers. Alternatively, the natural wild Silk Tussah duvets are luxuriously light – hugging the body while keeping it refreshingly cool – and are made from the silk of wild Tussah caterpillars (gathered after the moth emerges), while the organic Camel hair down summer duvets are perfect for an English summer when it can be sultry one night and chilly the next: Camel down has an outstanding ability to compensate and regulate extremes of both temperature and moisture.

All of the duvets from Natural Home Products come with a breathable storage bag so that they may be kept dust free when not in use. We will even add Cotton ties to the duvets, so that summer and four season duvets can be tied together for use during the coldest months of the year.

With double the weight of the summer duvets and perfect for the cooler months, the Four Season duvets also come in organic Cotton, organic Merino Lambswool or Camel hair down, giving a choice of the light covering of Cotton through to the warm and snug nest that is Camel hair down.

For those who want to be extra warm and snug, but still with a light, comfortable covering, we sew two duvets together, trapping a thermal pocket of air between them, to create their super warm winter duvets. So, for those who want the luxurious freshness of Silk all year round there is the natural wild Silk Tussah winter duvets or, at the other end of the warmth scale, there is perhaps the most luxurious of them all, the natural Yak hair down winter duvets, which combine wonderful warmth with a light, sleek and airy feel. In between, the choice includes organic Cotton, organic Merino Lambswool and Camel hair down.

You probably didn’t even know there was so much choice available in a duvet, and once you have tried a luxury natural duvet from Natural Home Products, you’ll never go back to anything less. Not only does an organic duvet help to alleviate many allergies, they are a pampering addition to anyone’s bedroom.