Search for the Perfect Pillow is Over at

and so to dream

and so to dream

The search for the perfect comfort and support of a beautifully designed and made pillow is over, thanks to our extensive range of luxurious and all-natural organic pillows. Most people spend a good deal of time and money searching for the bed and mattress that will give ideal comfort and support for their needs, only to neglect their neck and shoulders with pillows that are just not well enough designed to do a decent orthopaedic job. If you dream of your neck being softly cradled but firmly held on a plump and perfectly pert pillow, while in reality suffering fitful nights plumping and fiddling with a pillow that is never just right, then we can help.

So, you’ve tested countless natural mattresses and chosen from the best wooden bed frames before settling on the perfect bed, but all too often people forget to put the same amount of consideration into their choice of pillows. Keeping your neck, shoulders and spine in natural alignment whilst sleeping not only protects your orthopoedic health, but it is also the essential platform for a restorative night’s sleep. No matter how supportive your mattress and bed frame are, a poorly designed or filled pillow can throw that alignment right off and provide little to no effective support for your neck. Not only will you have a restless night’s sleep tossing and turning, but you could risk permanently damaging the muscles in your neck, shoulders and spine. One night’s sleep using one of our luxurious natural pillows will open up a world of luxury in pillows from which you’ll never look back.

Most of the pillows have zip or Velcro openings to help you create your perfect pillow, as you are able to alter the amount of filling until the pillow depth and firmness is just dreamy perfection for you.

There are organic Cotton quilted pillows filled with soft and fresh cotton fleece, perfect for those with allergies or who simply like a light and airy feel to their pillow; organic Merino Lambswool pillows, quilted or regular and in a choice of soft and cuddly fleece filling for those who like a flatter pillow or springy Lambswool balls for a higher and fluffier pillow.

Or how about our husk filled pillows, such as the organic Spelt Husk pillows, where the husks are so springy and tough that they actually massage your scalp while you sleep. For a truly luxurious pillow, why not try the organic Camel Hair Down quilted pillows; the down is prized for its lightness which provides a feeling of fine luxury, as well as its impressive ability to regulate temperature, to be cooling in summer and warming in winter.

These are just some of the wide variety of luxurious organic pillows available at, all designed to provide perfect support and comfort no matter what your filling or firmness preferences. All are entirely handmade using only the finest natural materials, and as you would expect from a Natural Home product, all are entirely chemical additive free.