Protect Your Home Against Pet Allergies the Natural Way

For some, pet allergies are a problem all year-round, and for others it’s only the summer months, when cats and dogs shed more fur, that it really becomes an issue. Either way, there are natural methods you can use to help combat pet allergies in the home. Pet lovers can have allergies too, and not everyone wants to kick out their kitty or pooch just because the little one’s fur causes them to sneeze or their eyes to itch from time to time. For those of us who can’t live without our pets but who suffer for their love, and even for non-allergy sufferers who despair about the amount of fur flying around the home at this time of year, follow these pointers for a natural home that may not be pet allergen-free, but vastly improved:

  • Always wash your hands after touching your pet, groom your pet frequently and (if they allow you!) wash your pet once a week, this really helps keep the allergens down;
  • Sweeping up or vacuuming pet hair can seem endless in summer, but this is not always enough. Once you have removed the excess hair from the floors, once a week wash down the walls and skirting boards of the main rooms your pet uses;
  • Carpets and curtains should be steam cleaned on a regular basis to ensure a deep-down clean, and remove hair from furnishings and clothes with a sticky roller, preferably every day;
  • Regularly replace the filters in your air conditioning and heating systems if you have them, as they collect a huge amount of hidden hair and allergens;
  • Try to keep your pets out of the bedroom and off the bed. Sleeping with your pets is obviously a no-no for allergy sufferers, but even a pet that regularly snoozes in the corner of your bedroom can spread their allergens from hair, skin and saliva onto your bed, one of the worst places for triggering allergy attacks;
  • And finally, regularly clean your bedding, an absolute given, and invest in allergy-friendly natural duvets and organic pillows so that you can get an allergy-free night’s sleep while the offending pet snoozes in a different room, blissfully unaware of all the trouble it causes!

If all of the above still doesn’t help alleviate your symptoms, especially if you notice that they are often triggered while in bed, your allergy may not be due to your beloved and hairy pet after all, but actually to house dust mites. Many people suffer from an allergy to house dust mites while attributing the allergy to another source. Treat your bedding and mattress with all-natural Neem Oil Home Spray and you can protect yourself from these pesky mites for 2 years. You could also consider buying a natural latex mattress as Latex is a hostile environment for house dust mites. Indeed, you can get the same benefit from any mattress purchased from Natural Home Products by having them treat it with Neem Oil while your mattress is being made, as this gives deep and thorough protection against the mites for at least 2 years.