How Organic is Your Bedroom?

You may be strict about eating as organically as possible, and you may seek cosmetics, toiletries, household cleaners and garden sprays that are as organic as you can find, but how organic is the place where you spend perhaps a third of your time? Even if, wherever possible, you only use products that are free from harmful chemicals around your home, have you stopped to think about the presence of nasty chemical additives in the things that surround you in your bed? You can make so much more of your bedroom truly organic when you purchase natural mattresses, duvets, pillows and bedding from

Create a bedroom that is organic as possible and not only will it be natural, but it will also be sumptuous and luxurious. That’s because we use only the finest organic materials, from Cotton and Merino Lambswool to Camel and Yak hair down, and our products are handmade with care by craftsmen with over 20 years’ experience in making luxury bedding.

There is nothing like the feeling of natural pillows, whether you choose the cool and airy organic Cotton quilted pillows or the soft and springy organic Merino Lambswool pillows. Cocoon yourself within an organic duvet and you’ll immediately notice the difference, whether your chosen material is opulent and body-caressing natural wild Silk or exotic and soft organic Camel hair down. And giving perfect support and comfort, a natural latex mattress offers a restorative and organic night’s sleep, free from those nasty chemicals, at the same time as taking the best possible care of your orthopaedic health. A wooden bed helps complete your natural sleeping environment, while a slatted bed base made from sustainable Beech or Ash wood meets the strictest of green principles and helps keep your mattress well ventilated and dry and to give of its best orthopaedic performance.

Choosing organic materials in your home is not just better for you and your family’s health and for the environment in general, it is also a luxurious choice. If you want to extend the organic credentials of your home – or you just want to treat yourself to naturally luxurious bedding, visit