Anatomical Support at Night from Natural Home Products

pressure sensitive support for good spinal

pressure sensitive support for good spinal alignment

Natural Home Products has everything you need to provide full anatomical support for your entire body while at rest in the bedroom. Good spinal alignment in a natural rest position is essential for the quality of orthopeodic health needed to ensure a fully restorative and invigorating night’s sleep. At Natural Home Products we understand this, and that is why we have brought together a range of products that protect the natural alignment of your spine, shoulders and neck, from slatted bed bases and latex mattresses and through to natural pillows and more.

We know that creating a truly natural bedroom haven means more than using natural and organic materials in the things around you. While this is of course central to natural living (all of our products are completely free from any chemical additives) it’s just as important to think about the natural alignment of your body while it is at rest in bed. When the spine is naturally aligned or in ‘neutral’ position it is not straight, but curved in the thoracic (upper) and lumbar (lower) regions. The alignment through the head, shoulders, hips, knees and ankles should be as though a plumb line were running all the way from the head through the torso down through the legs and feet. This natural alignment protects joints, muscle and tissue from stress, preserving natural position and tone and therefore ensuring comfort. If all this is attained while at rest, it is the essential gateway to fully restorative sleep, leaving you feeling alert and invigorated on waking, with your body rested to the very core, without aches and pains, and ready for the day. 

Little wonder, then, that the design quality of your bed base, mattress and pillows are of utmost importance in helping keep the body in this neutral position. There are a number of products in the Natural Home range that help support your body properly. The ‘Ergoflex’ slatted bed base has adjustable slat tension in the lumbar region; slatted bases enhance the pressure sensitive and orthopaedic qualities of natural mattresses. Our range also includes natural latex mattresses which mould to the contours of the body giving selective pressure sensitive support to maintain perfect alignment of the spine, and natural pillows made from the finest organic Merino Lambswool which have an opening to alter the amount of filling until the depth gives the ideal support for your neck and shoulders.

Natural Home Products is committed to providing luxury products for the home that are 100% free from harmful chemicals. We are passionate about creating a range of products that combine fine quality and comfort with an excellence of effective design, within an entirely natural and organic bedroom environment; all this and helping your orthopeodic health too! To discover the full range of our products, from handmade wood beds to natural latex mattresses, visit:

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