Natural Home Products’ Guide to a Healthy Nursery

Natural Home Products are committed to helping you create the most natural, organic and healthy home environment possible, especially when it comes to your bedroom and the all important bedroom of the smallest member of the house, where health and hygiene are all-important. That is why we have brought together a comprehensive range of products for the nursery that is built around the same natural, chemical additive free ethos as all of the products in the range. Let us guide you through the components of a healthy nursery, from cot mattresses and bedding to the cots themselves.

Baby’s cot is the foundation of a healthy nursery and restful sleep. Cots should of course be well-made, sturdy, have no rough edges, fixtures or fittings and no areas in which baby might become trapped. All of Natural Home Products’ cots and playpens are made in solid, sustainable Beech wood to exacting standards. They are naturally oiled and, just like all of the nursery bedding and cot mattresses, are entirely chemical additive free. The handmade Maja Adjustable Cot has bars on all four sides that allow light and air to flood in without sacrificing any of the safety or security, and as your baby grows into an active toddler, you can adjust the cot to three different heights, whilst it also has two removable side bars so that your toddler can return to the cot unaided, making it a cot that effectively and naturally grows with your child.

Cot mattresses and bedding are just as important in creating a healthy nursery, especially given the link between ill-fitting or incorrect mattresses and bedding and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. The mattress should be firm and fit snugly into the cot, just like our Coconut coir cot mattresses. Organic Merino LambsWool or organic Cotton is used to wrap around Natural Home Products’ cot mattresses to give the most efficient of heat and moisture regulation, combined with excellent ventilation. Our cot mattresses have organic Cotton drill covers that are zipped onto the mattresses so that they can be removed for machine washing at 60 degrees, which is the temperature needed to eradicate Dust House Mites and help maintain a healthy sleeping environment.

We use exactly the same natural and organic materials in their mattress comforters, duvets and pillows, so that the entire sleeping environment is both healthy and hygienic. Bedding should also be well-fitting and allow for good ventilation and temperature regulation and be entirely chemical additive free, including potentially toxic surface fire retardants.

Playtime should be just as safe and natural as rest-time, which is why the Maya Playpen is also made from natural and strong Beech wood, sturdy enough to withstand any tantrum or the escape bid of any Houdini in the making! And enquiring gums and teeth can safely chomp away at the bars in the knowledge that the playpen is safely and naturally oiled with no chemical additives.

Just as for the Maja Adjustable Cot, the playpen has adjustable height and removeable side bars, while the playpen base is made of award winning ‘Natura’ chipboard. This base has a pad of springy organic coconut coir, the same material used for Natural Home Products’ popular coconut coir cot mattresses and our coconut coir and natural latex mattresses; over the top of this there is an easy care drill weave cover made from organic cotton which can be machine washed up to 60 degrees. All helping to create a practical, safe, robust, natural and organic play area for your baby.

Choosing these kinds of organic, natural and well-made products of the highest quality creates a safe and healthy nursery which is 100% free from any potentially harmful chemicals – surely the best first steps on the road towards a natural and healthy life.

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