Let us Introduce You to Prolana, our Manufacturing Partner

the home of prolanaVersigo GmbH are based in the picturesque valleys, forests and mountains of southern Bavaria, not far from Lake Constance and the Swiss border.

It all began in 1987 when Norbert Baldauf and Uschi Scharfen took a pioneering and idealistic decision to start making ecological bedding and were the first to do so in Germany. Even then, people had started to realise that highly toxic substances were finding their way into the sanctuary and retreat of their bedrooms and into the beds upon which they slept.

Versigo developed a reputation in this embryonic market for persuading raw material suppliers to produce natural, organic and ecological materials and for the support they gave to new and small suppliers.

Over 20 years ago, this was the start of the Prolana brand that is now so well respected in Europe. This reputation is founded on product design and innovation, handmade product quality and an attention to detail in all aspects of production and especially in the materials used to make your bedding.

Prolana’s materials are carefully selected and the tested by the Eco Institute of Cologne to ensure they are free of chemical additives and any residues, such as hard metals.

The Cottons, Merino LambsWools, Camel hair down and Millet and Spelt husks are all certified organic by the International Natural Textiles Association (IVN) and Prolana are active members of QUL e.V., which set quality control standards for ecologically produced natural Latex products, such as our mattresses.

Both QUL and IMO regularly inspect Prolana’s bedding factory to ensure that it maintains high standard for the production of natural and organic and natural Latex products.

An increasing number of Prolana products have been voted ‘highly recommended’ by the respected consumer magazine Öko-Test, which places a strong emphasis on both health and the environment.

I once wrote to Norbert Baldauf with a copious explanation of UK standards and regulations and the flame retardants commonly used here, such as Antimony, and received a very simple reply:
‘You are not putting poison into my products’ and that is how it remains to this very day.

Norbert still leads the design and innovation of Prolana and has since been joined by his brother Wilfried Baldauf-Sobez, to help Prolana with the popularity and demand Prolana now enjoys.

Prolana are convinced that healthy, revitalising sleep is the natural foundation for a full and active life.

Prolana bedding is handmade with great attention to detail and concern for your health and our ecology.

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