The Luxury of Having Natural Home Products


Just one of our luxurious Shiva beds - Toro

Just one of our luxurious Shiva beds - Toro

 There was a time when chemical-free, natural products for the home were niche products for a small group of ecologically concerned people. This is no longer the case – more of us are demanding organic and natural ingredients in our food and cosmetics, so it stands to reason that we should also demand natural and chemical-free products for our homes. Our customer base has expanded over the years to include everyone who wants to add natural luxury to their home.

Having a natural home free from chemical additives wherever possible, particularly in the bedroom, is essential for many people with allergies and real concern for their health. As more natural products have come on the market to meet the needs of a public becoming more informed about the use of harmful chemicals in manufacturing and the damage these do to our health and environment, those without any allergies have come to realise the many universal benefits of these natural products. 


We have seen a significant shift in our customer demographic from those with specific allergenic needs and environmental awareness to the most discerning people who want the best quality products for their home. This shift is all about luxury: there is a real luxury in having a home made from entirely natural materials and with no harmful chemicals whatsoever, especially a bedroom where we relax, rest and revive. It’s the luxury of having only superlative products in your bedroom that meet exacting standards in manufacture and design, and that use only the finest, natural materials. And it’s a matter of performance – our range of natural wood beds, natural mattresses and organic pillows and duvets give perhaps the biggest luxury of them all: a perfect night’s sleep.