Is Your Mattress Robbing You of Precious Sleep?

and so to sleep

and so to sleep

A new campaign was launched in the UK in March to reveal the prevalence of sleep problems in the country and to highlight the impact that poor sleep can have. The ‘Sleep Well, Live Well’ campaign found that 20% of people sleep less than the recommended 7 hours a night and a surprisingly high 41% regularly suffer from sleep problems, most of these people being over the age of 65.

The findings revealed the impact of these sleep problems which range from mild consequences, such as difficulty in communicating and concentration, lack of productivity and depression, to the more worryingly dangerous, such as falling asleep at the wheel while driving (the body will slip into a ‘micro-sleeps’ when overly tired). It was found that those driving home from working a night shift were 40 times more likely to have an accident.

While, perhaps unsurprisingly, worrying about the economy was cited as the main reason many people were currently suffering problems with their sleep pattern, a more ongoing and quite literally underlying cause is poor support while sleeping. A mattress should support the natural alignment of the spine while you sleep in order for you to have a fully restorative sleep. Poor mattress design or an old tired mattress that has had its day can only provide inappropriate body support, and this in turn may cause muscle discomfort and neck, shoulder and back pain.

Most commonly, people who sleep on their sides all or part of the time and have neck, shoulder or back discomfort are found to have mattresses without the surface yield or softness needed to maintain natural spinal alignment, thereby preventing the muscle groups from being able to fully relax and rest.

Even if you don’t feel discomfort from your mattress, if it gives poor support it could be the reason you have disrupted sleep. Natural mattresses, natural latex mattresses and coconut coir mattresses are best for your spine, your health and your sleep pattern. They come in a range of different surfaces, some more yielding than others to suit people who like hard and soft beds and those who sleep on their front, back or side. Take a look through our range and ask yourself if your current mattress is robbing you of precious sleep.

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